Sunday, November 27, 2016

Introducing "Two Drafts / Two Polishes" teleseminar!

Hi - this is Art:

I have been thinking a lot about all of you recently. 

As a writer who has either come and heard me talk or have joined us on one or more of our audio sturdy courses, I know you see writing as a craft rather than just a hobby or a lottery ticket to easy money.

And so I want to talk directly to some of you today - those writers who have spent hours and hours working to prefect their novel or screenplay and who have written more that three drafts of your current project.

And here is an unfortunate fact:

Each draft that you do of this work from now on will likely only make your story worse!

The truth is, you have likely lost that spark that created the work in the first place, and with each new draft - with each new attempt to find that perfect passage or twist or turn, you are taking the story in a slightly new direction and diminishing your original idea.

One more draft is not going to get you where you want to be.

Experience tells us that originals idea are likely to be the best and the constant whittling and paring of a good concept only makes the story more and more unsalable.

I know.  I've been there.

But the real takeaway from all your hard work is that this is not your fault.

What you thought was real education - those internet columns, "top ten" lists and little secrets that you find in writing magazines and columns- are no more than the fast foods of knowledge.

Professionals know that every accomplished writer in the world  needs real craft knowledge and true mentoring and guidance to get where they are today.

Our new seminar series - "2 Drafts / 2 Polishes" - can be a real start down the road to real success. 

It's designed to get the absolute most out of every draft you make, cutting your time from premise to completed work at least in half.

The six-session audio study course offer the craft knowledge and techniques I teach professional novelists and screenwriter and can make a real difference in your career.

Click here for all the information.

You owe it to yourself to get the knowledge and training that you need now to succeed. 

Break away from the "Knowledge McNuggets" you have been living on -  and the dread that you feel when facing yet another draft of your work - and join us here in the craft or writing.

The fees for the course break down to just a little less than the cost of a dinner out each week - for knowledge that will last you a lifetime. and financial arrangements can be made to make it even more convenient (email me back for more information).

A community of dedicated writers are waiting for you to join us here!

And consider:

A year from now, you can either have a new, completed work being considered by agents and producers. . . or

You can be working on yet another draft of your project.

It's up to you

Click here to find out more.

Talk with you again soon,