Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Hi - Art here:

Recently one of my students asked me if my courses ever go on sale.  He was inspired by the Amazon Prime Day sale this week and had been wanting to take one of my classes that we haven't offered in a while

I hadn't considered it at all, but realized that it was a good idea - so here goes:

I am offering one of my best online courses to you at half price. 

It’s entitled “Two Drafts/ Two Polishes” (2D/2P), and it’s essentially just that: a process for reducing the amount of work on your next novel or screenplay down to just two drafts and two short polishes.    It’s based upon the methods I use to teach professional writers in my private practice.
  • Imagine a way to get the best possible visualization of your story out of your mind and on to the page the first time.  
  • Imagine being able to FULLY see your story before you even begin writing!
How many drafts and how many hours could you cut out of the process this way? 2D/2P can teach you the way that professional write and much more.

Briefly, the process works like this:
  • We start with the enhanced STORY DREAMING technique, which teaches you how to SEE the entire story from the very beginning, to understand how YOU can access the stories that you are best at the very first time out.
  • Then we show you the best way to create the first  (or DREAM DRAFT) of your work, naturally and organically bringing the most complete version of the story from you the first time -  and through the use of our String of Pearls Method, we can help create stories without early on worrying about strict structure
  • And, since the power of writing comes from your ability to rewrite, we’ll show you the best, most efficient way to do THE REWRITE, teaching you how to quickly decide what to keep and what to cut,  how to naturally tighten, strengthen and form your Dream Draft into a compelling, easy-to-read 2nd Draft that shows off your best skills
  • Then comes the AGENT’S POLISH, where we tweak and  hone the draft to make it most compelling to the Reader and Agent – greatly increasing the chances of it finding representation;
  • And finally, the PUBLISHER/PRODUCERS POLISH, which targets the publisher (or film company) most likely to buy your work based on your type of story and their individual buying history.
2D/2P is a revolutionary way of looking at the writing process and is the result of my training of over 100 professional writers over the past decade.  It brings the techniques and methods that professionals use to create powerful works FAST – while teaching you how to write quickly and powerfully from the very beginning.  
Think about it! No more 8th and 9th drafts of the same work and being insecure about whether it is really and truly the best you can do. 
2D/2P will teach you to judge your work realistically each time and will train you to naturally create stories while teaching the fundamentals of structure, plotting, and dialogue along the way.

2D/2P is perfect for you - if you’re:
  • Just starting out and don't know what your personal style of writing is yet
  • More experienced and want to complete works in HALF THE TIME;
  • Want to create a process that will make you more Professionally Competitive in the marketplace
The seminar series is usually $497 - but, because you have taken one of my seminars before, I'm offering you the very special introductory price of only $197 (OVER 60% off!) if you sign up before September 1st.

To order, you can either:

(1)   Send $197 to PayPal (to account:
aholcomb07@gmail.com) Or

(2)   Send a check for $197 to

       Art Holcomb
       3404 Donder Court, Suite 201
       Riverside, CA 92507-4033

Don’t you owe it to yourself to put your best foot forward, to learn the skills of the professionals now and to give yourself the best single chance you’ll have to find the success in writing that you have longed for?  

This course will only be offered once this year.  Come and join us for what promises to be a unique trip to success

I hope to see you there.