Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Is This Your Problem Too?

I just came back from the largest annual writer's conference in Los Angeles and spent time listening to the triumphs and problems of over 200 writers.

Here's a truth that they told me.

I am not anywhere near where I  REALLY want to be with my writing.

And all of you reading this now...

You know it's true.

And I know it's true.

You are not putting in the time you need to make your work exception - and it bothers you because you do not know why.

Ask yourself:
  • Am I getting my writing finished?
  • Is there something that's keeping me from the keyboard?
  • Do I feel guilty sometimes because I'm not making the headway that I know I should be making with my writing?
  • What's really holding me back?
You're not alone.  I work with professional writer every day in my private practice - and they can have the same problem: the real world is constantly intruding on our lives.  It's hard to find the time or the peace and quiet and sometimes getting the words out and on to the page is like pulling teeth. 

I've learned that truly everyone goes through this - and I mean EVERYONE - at some point in their life.  I work with professional writers everyday who have faced these same struggles - writer whose income and livelihood DEPEND on their ability to produce . It can be one of the most serious hurdles any writer can face.

But it doesn't have to be so hard.

There is a way out.  A way that can make writing easier again - the way it was in the beginning.

What you need is a new approach to the work, a new way of looking at your talent and skills that can give you the confidence to move forward.

My career is build around helping professional writers succeed and I've helped over 500 professional screenwriters and novelists over my career get back on track. People who make a good living as writers.  They can literally not afford to let fear and procrastination affect them - and neither can you. 

The same techniques they use can help you too.

I've put together a teleseminar on eliminating procrastination and the fears that writers face.  It's entitled: PROCRASTINATION - How to Defeat it Forever!

In it, we'll cover:
  • The Journey that every writer makes through their career
  • Every possible reason that you may have to procrastinate - and a way to break through each of them
  • How to make sure you're able everyday to hit the ground running
  • The truth about Writer's Block and how to eliminate if from your life forever.
  • The three techniques professionals use to create quality work quickly
  • The realityabout the fear you may be facing - what it really is and how you can turn it from problem to motivating asset
Procrastinations a real problem  And it's impossible to be a successful writer without facing this issue head on.  I have shown my working screenwriters and novelists how to eliminate it from their lives -  and I will show you how the very same techniques can work for you.

The seminar will be launched on February 20th and would normally be $79 - but for the next week, I'm making it available to you for just $47 - if you sign up by February 10th.

Here's what some of my clients have said about the seminar.

      "Art's techniques got me from dreading my writing to making it the greatest thing I do all day.  I finally got my novel finished and I'll be able to do my next one in half the time. - Peter R.

     "I was amazed!  By just facing some truths and learning more about who I am as a writer, I found my output increase three fold. - Sheila B
    "I didn't think anything would get me back to my writing, I just couldn't finish anything.  But Art showed me where I had strayed of coarse and now my writing is getting finished and I'm starting new projects.  Thanks so much, Art!" - Peter W.

The teleseminar can be available to you at anytime through your computer or phone - to listen to whenever you need the boost, And the special price of $47 means that you can get your writing back on track - you can feel the joy of writing once more - for less than the price of dinner out for two.

To order, you can either:

(1)   Send $47 to PayPal (to account:


(2)   Send a check for $47 to

Art Holcomb
3404 Donder Court
Suite 201
Riverside, CA 92507-4033

It's a small price to pay to change the way you write forever.

Make a difference in your own life today.  Become the writer you know you can be.

Take this small step into a much bigger world.  Join us today.