Hi – this is Art:

That’s really what we all want, right?  An unfair advantage over the SYSTEM as a writer! 

A way to navigate all the creative blocks, the isolation and the resistance - all the things that stop us from getting the stories we see in our head down onto the page - and into the hand of the people we know could be our next real fan.

Over the years that I have trained screenwriters, novelists and playwrights, I’ve found that the same problems, traps and pitfalls occur in every writer’s life – stumbling blocks that every writer faces on a regular basis. 

And here’s the truth: You’ll only succeed as a writer if you have the tools to face these problems head on.

That’s why I created this special one-time educational package – to give you the tools you need to sail over these problems once and for all.

The package includes the following:

My new eBook, The Art of Preparation: a collection of all the things you need to consider before you start writing your next story. 

In it, we discuss:

  • Writing in Marble or Clay – learning how to make the most out of the natural way that you already write.
  • Understanding Theme: learning what it is that you really have to say - and getting it and onto the page.
  • The Emotional Rulebook: How to understand why your characters do what they do and how to make them authentic and compelling.
  • The String of Pearls: How to plot a great story without understanding structure.

In addition, you’ll receive four  - FOUR - of my best seminars:

- Creating Great Characters: Your characters are the heart of your stories. Understanding what makes a character compelling is the difference between a boring read and a story you just can’t put down.

 - Defeating Procrastination: This beast can be stop cold unless you know the secret of why you procrastinate and have the tools to defeat it.

 - Eliminating Writer’s Block: This can be a career –breaker, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn the secret to plowing through this obstacle once and for all.

 - How to be a Successful Writer in the 21st Century: Being a success today looks nothing like it did just 20 years ago.  The market and the world has changed. Here are the tools you need to find your own, personal success.

These resources have never been offered like this before!

And this package is only availableto those of you who have either joined me in person for one of my classes or have taken one of my on-line seminars in the past - this is not yet available to the general public.

Normally valued at $395, you can receive the entire package – a great eBook and four of my best seminars – for only $147if you act now.

***To enroll, just send the fee of $147 through PayPal to account: and we’ll get you signed up.

This is a special offer limited to my group of students who are committed to growing as a writer. Why not join us in building your writers toolbox – and having the career you really deserve.

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