Hi – this is Art Holcomb

Let me ask you a question . . .

Is this you?

 - You have a story idea but do not know where to begin?

 - Are you looking for some real, valuable and useful training to start your writing career?

 - Are you stuck in the middle of your story, unable to complete your work?

 - Are you tired of the "writing tidbits" and "top ten lists" that promise to help you, but that don't seem to work with your story?

I've been teaching professional writers (novelists with their first sales and screenwriters who have optioned movie scripts) for more than a decade, getting people from their most basic idea through to the finished drafts of their passion projects.

But I know that there are others out there who need information and help getting their first work completed.

 I've created a ten-session audio study course for my professional clients – working novelists, screenwriters, playwrights and graphic novel creators - which lays out my personal way to teaching story creation for people who were interested in becoming working, highly paid writers.

A way of looking at the process of storytelling that was unlike anything ever seen.

The course is called StorySkills and was the foundation of my “Two Drafts – Two Polishes” approach to writing. The goal here was to get these working writers to think about their skills, talents and abilities is a whole new way. It incorporates the whole of my 30 year career and experience as a teacher, author and widely read columnist on Story and Craft for Creative Screenwriting Magazine.

In short, it’s the cornerstone of my approach.

StorySkills works like this: 

You will receive a ten special seminars that you can listen to on your smartphone or computer, and it’s available to you forever. You can listen to whenever and wherever you like - especially when you need an inspiration or a tune-up on your skills.

The ten-session curriculum is as follows:

Session 1 - Training:
The “Process”: A program to train you to create stories quickly and organically
Perfecting your skills: Using what you already know to your best advantage
Refining your method: Filling in the gaps in your natural process

Session 2 - Premise:
Finding New Ideas: Seeing the World of Story all around you
Perfecting your Premise: Starting right – ending right
How to build a story: The 10 steps every story needs

Session 3 - Process: 
Do you write in Marble or Clay? - Making the most out of your natural process
Two Drafts – Two Polishes: Getting the most out of your writing time

Session 4 - Depth:
Your “Personal Story Arc”: Using your life as the power behind your writing
The “Two Questions”: The guiding principles behind all great writing

Session 5 – Procrastination:
The Reasons why we procrastinate
How to stop procrastinating forever

Session 6 - Pre-Write:

Intro to Story Dreaming: Why the typing is that LAST thing you need to do
The “String of Pearls”: Stop worrying about structure and create great scenes naturally

Session 7 - Theme:
The Central Question: Answering the story question you most want to ask
Your Personal Themes: Understanding the real power behind your talent

Session 8 - Plot:
Obligatory scenes: Understanding the only two important parts to any story
Set-up and Pay-off: How to truly make a story compelling
“The Chain”: Scene and sequel

Session 9 - Character:
The Rule Book: Understanding your character's true motivation
The Relationship Chart: The real power behind great characters
The Protagonist/Audience Connection: The true path to finding your fans

Session 10 - Flow:
The Cabin by the Lake: The secret to instant motivation
Pomodoro: The key to great productivity
Achieving a Flow State: Write deeply no matter where you are

I’m very proud of the series. It has been used by more than 1800 working writers here in the US,  Canada and elsewhere, each one dedicated to making a career of writing. The series has been so successful that, starting last year, I began teaching it internationally – and it has been translated into Spanish, French, Italian and Cantonese.

As my way of saying thanks for joining me so far, I will be offering it for a brief time at a reduced price!

Regularly, it is $497 – but it is available to you for more than 40% off – for only $297!

In addition to the ten seminars, you’ll get these other FREE bonuses:

  • The teleseminar and workbook, Ten Steps to Building a Better Story– usually $79, but yours free.
  • My new collection of the best writing articles that internet has to offer, each one with information I believe is truly valuable to you now. Over 50 pages of great advice – all free to you when you sign-up for StorySkills.
  • My list of the only writing books you will ever need. The best of what’s available from the best teachers today. The list is yours FREE when you join StorySkills.

So to get the ten week StorySkills seminars, the Character seminar/workbook, the collection of great articles and my list of ten great writing books, all you have to do is either:

(1) Send $297 to PayPal (to account:


(2) Send a check for $297 to

          Art Holcomb
          3404 Donder Court
          Riverside, CA 92507-4033

You’ll get this all for one price, as my way to saying thanks for making our work such a great success. It is you that helps make both me and my work better and I just wanted to show my appreciation.

I hope you join us for this limited time offer. Feel free to write to me at  with any questions.

All the best – and Keep Writing!

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