Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Summer Success Boot Camp is BACK!

Hi – This is Art Holcomb.

You know me . . .

You’ve read my work and have taken my seminars, so I know I can speak plainly with you.

So, let me ask you a question:

Are you happy with your progress as a writer?

I spend so much of my time as a writing expert dealing with this seemingly simple question.

But over the years and through working with hundreds of students, I know that it really goes deeper than that.

The real questions at play here are:

· Are you finishing what you start every time?
· Do you have the skills you know you need to succeed?
· Are you afraid to face your rewrite?
· Afraid to actually send your work out into the world?
· Are you getting the valuable critique that you need to really improve your writing?
I believe that, for the vast majority of aspiring writers, the answer to this is a resounding NO!

But here is the secret that you need to know.

It’s not your fault.

You’re out there working alone, hoping that your story will succeed. Books can help, but not enough. “Top Ten” lists and writing tips from the internet never go far enough to make a difference.

And hope itself will never be enough.

You simply cannot learn to write well without valuable guidance.

Why? Because writing is a craft - a set of skills and experiences that can only come through training.  
And what you really need is:

· Real and valuable instruction on the craft of writing
· Timely feedback on your work to keep you on-track and on deadline
· A community of writers to share your successes and problems with
· And a system to get your work done right, on time, every time.

Simply put, any writer who does not have access to these four things may spend YEARS writing a story that never had a chance to succeed in the first place.

Now . . . is that you?

Have you been trying to do this all by yourself without help or feedback? Spinning you wheels and getting nowhere?

Years ago, I started offering my seminars because I found so many of you in this exact situation.

I found this intolerable and so should you . . .

And so, we have done something about it.

From June 4th to July 14th, we are once again offering the third annual SUMER SUCCESS BOOT CAMP for writers. A six-week, internet-based course designed to give you the skills you need to succeed by leading you through the writing process.

During the six-week class, you will:

· Write and complete three (3) stories for publication
· Receive written notes and feedback from an expert novelist on each story
· Get guidance through the rewrite process
· Be shown how to submit that work to publisher eager to find your stories
· Be taught you a proven system for getting your work done simply and quickly every time.

There will be a weekly seminar that you can listen to at your convenience, as well as video instruction from some of the best writers in the business. And we’ll show you the same techniques that famous writers have used to learn their craft over the past century – that is, learning the skills of the novelist and screenwriter by learning to write short pieces that will receive the critique you need to improve every aspect of your writing. And we’ll all join together on conference calls to discuss our experiences and learn from our fellow writers.

And we’re lucky enough to be once again joined by Howard V. Hendrix, award-winning author of seven novels and countless short stories, who will be providing the expert notes for each writer!

Last year, our writers produced exceptional - and marketable - short stories that represented the best work of their career thus far.

And more than half went on to have these works published in popular journals and publications.

In all, this boot camp will ABSOLUTELY make you a better writer - all in six week - from the convenience of your own computer.

This boot camp is the same tool I use in my private practice to help new writers begin their careers, now available to you.

We start on June 4th. And since you have joined us on some of our other seminars, we’re offering the boot camp to you for $595 (usually $795 – that more than 30% off).

We only have a limited on spots left and we will be closing enrollment on June 1st.

So - if you’re interested, contact me at and we’ll personally be in touch right away.

We’ve had great success with this series in the past and some of our past students will be joining us to help you along.

Don’t you owe it to yourself, your dreams of writing, and the fans that are out there just waiting for you, to join us now.

Think of it - by the end of summer, you could have stories under submission and valuable tools to use to improve your writing . . .

. . . by the end of summer, everything to change for the better.

Remember – time and space are limited. Respond today and we’ll get you started.

I really look forward to having you join us.

Keep Writing!