Sunday, October 23, 2016

This Month: How to Your Defeat Writer's Fears - FOREVER seminar

Hi -This is Art

I want to talk to you about something that most writers are afraid to discuss.

There is something within YOU that could stop your writing career COLD– if you’re not prepared.

It’s Writer’s Block.

If you’re an experienced writer, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

That sudden, unexplainable roadblock that suddenly cuts off all your creativity.  It can come out of nowhere and shuts down your writing completely.

And there’s no way to really predict when or if it will hit you.

I know.  During the 1990’s, in the middle of a successful writing career, I was stricken with Writer’s Block – and it took me several years to find my way back.

At the time, there was really no good research and advice about how to face it and I had to struggle alone until eventually I fought my way back.

More importantly, there was no information available about how to PREVENT IT.

After 40 years of writing and a decade as a teacher and consultant, I decided it was time to confront the issue head on - to do the research and finally develop a strategy to defeat it once and for all.

I spent the better part of a year creating our new seminar, How to Defeat Your Writer’s Fears . . . FOREVER, to guarantee that you have the tools to make sure this never happens to you. 

And I wanted to bring to all of you who have joined me on our other seminars first at a very reduced price.

The seminar covers:

·         The only three reasons fear affects any writer - and the foolproof ways to combat each.

·         The ways that your fears and doubts can plant the seeds for Writer’s Block and what you can do to prevent it.

·         How to recognize EARLY ON the warning signs that your process may be in trouble.

·         And the one DEVASTATING event in every writer’s life that can stop you dead in your tracts – something that no one even considers possible - before it happens.

Here’s what some of my students have said about the seminar

“I’ve had Writer’s Block from my fears before and lived in real terror of it returning.  Art’s training got me focusing on the real power behind my talent.  I’ve never worried since.” – Audrey W.

“I’ve never had Writer’s Block, but I have seen what it has done to other writers.  I feel like I have the tools now to make sure it ever happens to me.”  - Peter P.

With the information in the seminar, you can:

·         Have a greater understanding of your own abilities and the place from which your ideas and talent originate.

·         Explore the nature of the fears that writers throughout history have faced – and how to conquer them.

·         Gain confidence both in your writing and in the career you are working so hard to create and build.

The seminar and workbook – the entire audio study course - is usually $79, but is now available to you - - for just $37 for a limited time - if you act now.

To order, you can either:

(1)   Send $37 to PayPal (to account:


(2)   Send a check for $37 to

Art Holcomb
3404 Donder Court
Suite 201
Riverside, CA 92507-4033

The seminar will be “go live” on
November 10th, with a link that you can access from any device –computer, tablet or smartphone FOREVER.  Or you can download it straight to your device.

But the special price of $37 is good until November 10th.  After that, the price will return to $79. So you need to ACT NOW!

Imagine, having a tool you can use on each new story to make it better, deeper, and more compelling to your reader and prospective publisher –and a way to eliminate this potentially crippling effect on your writing career .

I hope you can join us on this very special seminar!

Keep Writing,


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