Sunday, September 24, 2017

Let me tell you about the best story you'll ever write in your life

What are three things that are absolutely true about the best story you will ever write in your life?
  • It will be VAULABLE: You will sell it for the most money in the history of your career
  • It will be MEANINGFUL: It will a deeply personal statement about who you really are - as told through fiction
  • It will be RARE: You will look back at the end of your life and say "my career changed the day I wrote this".
And here's a truth:  I know you haven't written this story yet - and it's not your fault.

The problem lies in the way we all work today.

I've trained novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, comic book creators and professional business communicators on the art of storytelling and we all have had one thing in common:

We do not teach ourselves to write DEEPLY and AUTHENTICALLY.

Consider for a moment:

 - Modern society demands us to multitask, to cram in our writing time within the busy schedule and hectic life of the 21st Century and accept the fact that this is the way it must be.

 - Modern training for most of you relies on the Internet and books, which are filled with Tips, Hints, Hacks, Top-Ten Lists and the ridiculously named "SECRETS TO WRITING" - that may tell you WHAT to do but never explains just HOW TO DO IT!

 - Modern Life that never gives you enough time and energy to really get down to the story that you really want to tell - the story you see so clearly in your imagination.

But the best writers in the world treat their work - and their time - much differently. Their success depends upon it.

In our new seminar series DEEP WRITING, we'll teach you how to write as they do -  and show you how to:
  • Create your SACRED HOUR - a time EVERYDAY for serious writing - no matter how busy your life
  • Eliminate the distractions and demands on your attention as you write
  • Show you the techniques of DEEP FOCUS - by actually LIVING in the story as you write it
  • Create a system for instantly jumping deeply back into your work within seconds - anytime and anywhere
  • NEVER have to wait for inspiration again - because inspiration is YOUR ENEMY!
  • Forget about GOALS and create valuable SYSTEMS FOR SUCCESS for your writing instead
  • Understand the incredible value of WRITING RITUALS
  • Learn from the natural way you like to write - and maximize that time and effort once and for all
This seminar is for any writer who is unhappy with the progress they're making (or NOT making), who knows they can do much better work if they could just find the time and focus - and who knows they owe it to themselves to finally get serious about reaching a new level in their work.

We recently launched this new seminar series and we're offering you the opportunity to sign up at a reduced price.

The six-week series is usually $397 - but you can sign up for only $197 - more than 50% off. But this price is available for only a short time!

As with all of our audio seminars, they are delivered weekly to you, and you can listen to them of your smartphone, tablet or computer whenever you like (many of our students listen to them on their daily commute).

To join us, just send $197 through PayPal to account: and we'll get you signed up.

And, as a bonus, the series comes with its own workbook and checklists to help you implement the ideas inside.

Don't you owe it to yourself to reach the next level in your writing? Come and join us today.

Remember -  the reduced price of $197 is only good through November 15th. After that, it goes back to the original price.

I really look forward to having you join us.

Keep writing!

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