Sunday, February 16, 2020

My new seminar series - MASTERING THE INNER JOURNEY

Here are a few questions to ask about your current project:

·         What brings your characters to life for the reader?

·         What bonds them to your characters?

·         In short, what moves the reader's heart?

Your plot must be interesting, to be sure, but what makes all the difference to the reader, whether in a novel, a film or a play, is the inner journey of the characters.  A story's plot generates excitement and interest for the reader, but it is conflict within the hero that keeps the reader involved.

For many writers, this can be the most difficult part of writing a long-form story but it lays at the very heart of what bonds your reader to you –what makes real fans out of the most casual reader.

It is this real problem that I've seen writers of all experience level that I've created Mastering the Inner Journey, a step-by-step process of crafting a compelling hero, with very human desires and the dynamic courage to face the internal change that lies at the heart of all award-winning stories.

In this new series, I will show you:

·         How your hero's personal history is the key to exciting prose
·         What brings out the truth in your story
·         How to advance and develop the hero's arc through each phase of the story
·         How to connect to your reader through your own passion
·         Where the Outer Journey and Inner Journey diverge in every story – and how each is incomplete without the other
·         The difference between conflict, turmoil, and drama
·         How secrets, surprises, and mistakes are the keys to a great character
·         How to easily turn your character's flaws into conflict
·         Finally understanding not just the nature of your hero wants – but of their NEEDS
·         Why the Inner Journey is essential to a book or film SERIES – and how to keep your hero fresh and compelling through it all

The series comes with a workbook of more than fifty questions and exercises that will lead you toward really understanding your hero and what they need to accomplish in your story to make the reader turning the pages. By answering the questions, and doing the brief exercises, you will create a compelling and very HUMAN hero - and build a story that will grab the reader and never let them go.

This course is designed for:

·         The aspiring writer who wants to understand d what really makes a hero tick – and to get that clear down on the page.
·         The working writer who is seeing his/her stories not reaching the readers the way that they should
·         The accomplished writer who wants to write at a higher level and for a bigger audience.

This is a lesson in ESSENTIAL STORYTELLING and will inform and improve all writers – for the page, stage, AND screen.  I have taught this technique to novelist, screenwriters, comic book creators and playwrights

The 5-part audio/workbook series launches on March 21st and will go on sale to the public for $197.  As a present or former student, you can per-enroll in the seminar for just $97 (half-price) if you sign up before February  25

To order, you can either:

(1)   Send $97 to PayPal (to account: Or

(2)   Send a check for $97 to

       Art Holcomb

       3404 Donder Court, Suite 201

       Riverside, CA 92507-4033

Don't you owe it to yourself to put your best foot forward, to learn the skills of the professionals now and to give yourself the best single chance you'll have to find the success in writing that you have longed for?  

This course will only be offered once this year.  Come and join us for what promises to be a unique trip to success.

I hope to see you there.


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