Thursday, April 28, 2016


We had a tremendous response to our most recent teleseminar, “How to be a Successful Writer in the 21st Century”.  We had more than 500 people at the live event and a couple hundred more for the rebroadcast.

I am honored that so many of you decided to join us on this journey for a new way to write screenplays, novels and stage plays.

All this has led up to the launch of our annual StorySkills Class.  Ten (10) weeks of dedicated talks to change the way you think about your process and to get you on the road to a more productive and more naturally organic way of writing.

It is the culmination of my career as a story consultant and award-winning screenwriting and playwright, where have translated the work I do in training professional working writers to a method to help you get the most out of your time and energy.

The classes include:

Week 1 - Training:
The “Process”: A program to create stories quickly and organically
Perfecting your skills: Using what you already know to your best advantage
Refining your method: Filling in the gaps in your natural process

Week 2 - Premise:
Finding New Ideas and Story Concepts
Perfecting your Premise

Week 3 - Process: 
Do you write in Marble or Clay? - Making the most out of your natural process
Two Drafts – Two Polishes: Getting the most out of your writing time 

Week 4 - Depth:
Your “Personal Story Arc”:  Using your life as the power behind your writing
The “Two Questions”: The guiding principles behind all great writing

Week 5 - Pre-Write:
Intro to Story Dreaming: Why the typing is that LAST thing you do 
The “String of Pearls”: Stop worrying about structure and create great scenes

Week 6 - Theme:
The Central Question: Answering the story question you most want to ask
Your Personal Themes: Understanding the real power behind your talent

Week 7 - Plot:
Obligatory scenes:  Understanding the only two important parts to any story
Set-up and Pay-off: How to truly make a story compelling 

Week 8 - Character:
The Rule Book: Understanding your character's true motivation
The Relationship Chart: The real power behind great characters
The Protagonist/Audience Connection: The true path to finding your fans

Week 9 - Flow:
Cabin by the Lake: The secret to instant motivation
Pomodoro: The key to great productivity
Achieving a Flow State: Write deeply no matter where you are

Week 10 - Career:
Why we write: Understanding your art
Creating a body of work: Leaving behind a legacy
Being that Step Above: The Guide to Artistic Professionalism

The fee is only $395 for a limited time and this may be the only time this class is taught this year.  Fees are paid either through:

PayPal – to
By Check: please email me for the mailing address

Spaces are limited so it’s best to sign up soon.. Classes will begin on May 4th!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Hope to see you there!


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