Tuesday, April 5, 2016

WOW!!! The "How to be a Successful Writer in the 21st Century" teleseminar has SOLD OUT!!

I can't believe how quickly we sold out the seminar! The response has been so great that I've decided to run the seminar again in two week's time, on April 26th at 6pm Pacific Time.

If you're interested getting in on the next seminar, just drop me a line at - aholcomb07@gmail.com - and I'll get you signed up! And take a look at the description below for the new seminar.

I hope to see you then!  And thanks so much for the overwhelming response!

Keep writing!


* * *

I’ve been looking for a way to reach out to writers about all the changes that have come about for screenwriters and novelists since 2000. 

Markets have changed.  The audience has changed and the realities of our careers have changed – all while we were busy writing. 

The old paradigm no longer works and any writer who still practices the old methods is leaving money and opportunities on the table!

I’ve created a talk to introduce to the realities of the new century.  We’ll discuss:

·         What Traditional Publishing and Hollywood wants from you now – more than ever before;

·         Steps you can take RIGHT NOW to make sure that you’re connecting with your audienceyou’re your dream publisher/producers;

·         Why the word CREATOR is probably more accurate for what you do that writer.

The seminar lasts about 90 minutes and is completely free to anyone interested – but you must act now. 

So come and join us on April 26 at 6pm.  To reserve your spot, drop me a line at aholcomb07@gmail.com and we’ll get you signed up.

 Hope to see you them!


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